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    Create Your Own Specialty Dessert, or Allow Us to Help

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    Best Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Italian Ice, Custard, and Sorbet

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    Over 150 Toppings: Fresh Fruit, Candy, Nuts, Surup, and More!

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    Highest Rated & Greatest Selection in San Antonio

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    Proudly Given the 3 Swirls of Honor by The International Froyo Association

The Most Fun You Can Have with Dessert!

Experience endless variety. We have it all... You will be amazed when you walk through the doors of Arctic Ape Wild Desserts. We have more flavors than anyone in San Antonio, and they're constantly changing. When it comes to soft serve, choose between Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Italian Ice, Custard and Sorbet.

Do you like toppings? We carry over 150 and everything is fresh, delicious, and mouth-watering. Experience explosions of flavor and a few surprises that will make you smile.

We provide a family friendly atmosphere, thematically designed around our hero—The Arctic Ape.  In addition, there are dozens of games, fun music, and the drumroll please... FREE wifi.

Yogurt for Kids San Antonio

What to Expect

What to Expect

The Arctic Ape San Antonio

Step 1 - The Greeting & Tour

The Arctic Ape has recruited a number of lab assistants in order to help you acclimate to our frozen yogurt desserts. They will familiarize you with our endless variety of flavor combinations, answer any questions you may have, and assist you in building the perfect frozen treat.

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Step 2 - Choose a Cup or a Cone

We offer waffle cones and three types of containers for your dessert. Our blue cup easily holds 16 ounces. The white cup is much larger. The Arctic Fusion cup is perfect for blending soft-serve ice cream with any toppings, or to create custom ice cream flavors. 

Best Frozen Yogurt San Antonio

Step 3 - Select Flavor Combinations

We have 6 soft-serve ice cream machines. Each contains three separate handles. The left and the right handle dispenses a single flavor, while the center handle mixes a combination of the two. Use our sample cups to make the perfect choice. We have frozen yogurt and more!  

Best Frozen Yogurt San Antonio

Step 4 - Choose From 150+ Toppings

Arctic Ape has the largest selection of toppings anywhere-over 150. Our fruit is fresh and purchased locally. We have nearly every type of candy, nut, and syrup imaginable. More importantly, we're constantly rotating our toppings and frozen yogurt. 

Frozen Yogurt Social Media

Step 5 - Go Social with Your Dessert

We celebrate the fact that our customers frequently share their dessert creations all over social media. We like it very much when you like us on Facebook. And we love it when you rate us on Google+, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Thank you for spreading the word!

Date Night San Antonio

Step 6 - Please Come Back Soon!

We really want you to have a blast each time you visit Arctic Ape Wild Deserts. Make sure you bring a friend or a date to share the experience. Also, sit back and relax, enjoy the music, and play some games while you are indulging your taste buds.   

Dozens of Flavor Combinations

Our soft-serve ice cream includes: Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Custard, Italian Ice, and Sorbet. We always carry 12 distinct types and allow you to mix a variety of combinations. We rotate our flavors often to offer you a unique experience each time you visit Arctic Ape. Check out our current flavors.  

Gummy Toppings Frozen Yogurt

The Candy Store

If you have a sweet tooth for candy, Arctic Ape is in business for you. No one has more candy toppings than we do.

Frozen Yogurt

Syrup Lover's Dream

We have everything from Chocolate,  to Mango, to French Vanilla, to Butter Pecan, to Black Cherry and Balsamic Glaze. And that's just for starters. 

Fresh Fruit Toppings

Market Fresh Fruit

Our berries and bananas are never frozen or purchased from the back end of a delivery truck. We gather the best from our local market.

Walnut Toppings Frozen Yogurt

Nuts 'n More


We go nuts for nuts. If you love pecans, walnuts, almonds, and peanuts - we have them. 

Frozen Yogurt Toppings

Other Stuff


We have powders, sprinkles, flavor chips, cereals, wafers, brownies, BACON bits, Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream, and so much more!

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